Talks the Talk, And Walks the Walk

Talks the Talk, And Walks the Walk

Talks the Talk, And Walks the Walk

Peter & Denise were kind enough to share their experience of selling with Red Rocket Realty. They sold for more than the asking price and the home was sold really quickly. Please watch the video and read the story below for more information.

Peter: My name’s Peter.

Denise: My name’s Denise.

Peter: The property that Parnam sold was at Underwood.

Denise: The property was listed for $479,000. The final selling price was $487,000.

Peter: Parnam did get us more than the price he told us, yes he did. With much enthusiasm, I might say. He talks the talk. He walks the walk.

Denise: We chose Parnam because he just reassured us, because our other friends were going to go with someone else and we said to them, “Have a chat to Parnam,” and they ended up signing up before we did.

Denise: We really liked the way he got it all together so quickly.

Peter: Well, we paid him what he was worth.  Look, it was just a case of we thought he could deliver the goods, he did deliver them, you’re happy to pay for that sort of service.

Denise: I think he got our trust.

Denise: I’ve actually heard of people being asked for money up front and I thought, “Well that’s pretty good, you know, no sale, no pay sort of thing, because you hear of people being roped in and having to pay up front for advertising and all of the rest that goes with it, so I thought it was pretty good.

Peter: Yeah. It was reassuring that they were prepared to take that risk.

Denise:I didn’t think it was our place when I saw it on the internet. Did you?

Peter:   No, not at all.

Denise:  Yeah, it came up really well.

Peter: No, look, we don’t they skimped on the marketing at all. It was right up there. It had to be.  It sold in ten days, it had to be up there.  

Peter: We’d recommend Red Rocket for sure, particularly Parnam.  I don’t know about the rest of Red Rocket.

It was like everything just happened, it was just professional and a fantastic ending.  I feel that they genuinely cared about getting the sale for us because they knew the tight schedule that we’re on.  It was a nice personal touch, I think, with Eva and then with Parnam.  It was really good.

Peter: They were caring people. They were caring people.

Denise: They were.

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