Rentvesting Gains Popularity

Rentvesting Gains Popularity

New research from non-bank lender State Custodians Home Loans has found that 74% of people think rentvesting is a good strategy for those seeking to get into the market.
Both Gen Ys and Australians of all ages say that they’re in favour of rentvesting because it allows people to obtain property, build equity and live where they want to, rather than living in a mortgaged house in an area they’re not keen on.
The key reasons behind the popularity of the strategy are:
•It allows buyers to get into the property market sooner;
•It provides two income streams: rent from tenants and tax benefits;
•Rentvestors can afford the lifestyle they want;
•Rentvestors can live in a high-quality rental home, which would be out of their price range to buy, while earning income from elsewhere; and
•Rentvestors have more disposable income to spend on other things.

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