Flexible Property Management

They always find a tenant

Flexible Property Management

Jan has a unique situation where she only needs to find a tenant for 6 months of the year. After struggling to find a tenant with her old real estate agent she contacted Red Rocket Realty. For 3 years we have helped Jan find the right tenant for her situation. If you have a property you are trying to sell or lease then call Red Rocket because we will help you no matter how unique your situation may be. Thank you for sharing your story Jan so that others can learn from your experience.

Jan: They provide very professional and courteous service, they follow up on things. This will be the third year I have used them and I can only say that there has never been a problem and they follow through so I’m very happy.

I had used another real estate agent in the past and I was happy with them. And when it came to let the property out again, I contacted them but time went by and they couldn’t find a tenant. So I contacted Red Rocket and so both of them were looking for a tenant for me. And Red Rocket was the one that came up with the tenant. And their service was so good and so happy that I have continued. They did come up with this tenant and I realised how they vet the tenants, they do a very good scrutiny and ever since then they’ve been able to find me a tenant.

Their integrity really shines through everything. They come in and they do a complete inventory. They take copious notes, they take photographs, they involve me in every step of the way, they make sure that I am happy with the tenant. So if anything has gone wrong and there were things to fix or whatever, there’s never any question asked.I’ve never had to have an argument with them or press my case.

I’m not a horrible person so I like to be as fair as I can, and in return they are fair with me. I think that the tenants would probably have a similar attitude.If they deal with the tenants in the same way as they deal me, well, I’m sure that the tenants would be happy with the way they handle their tenancy.

So, yes, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words “real estate” is that it’s a necessary function. Some people say, “You can sell it yourself or you can do your own conveyancing or you can market it yourself. For somebody like me who is working full-time, I don’t have the expertise nor do I have the desire. I am not very good at selling and I don’t want to spend my time doing that. I think they perform a great function and so I’m grateful for having used them. I didn’t want to have to go through all the vetting procedure and, you know, people could turn up, I don’t know them. As I said earlier, it’s my home. It’s not just a house, it’s my home. So I needed somebody that I could trust and I felt I needed help in finding those people.

I rely on the feedback from Lizzy through her due diligence and she knows me well enough to know what will suit me. And how do I know that? Because of our conversations. She might say, “This person may not be suitable or these people look really good.” So, you know, if you’ve got three or four people vying then I rely on her judgement .

I’ve been happy with what price I have received. Last year we got a little less because there were more properties than people. So this year we’re starting off with what we got the first two years and if there’s no bites then we will lower the price.

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